Vermont Renewable Energy Business Listing

Welcome to the Vermont Renewable Energy Business Listing! Renewable Energy Vermont, in partnership with Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), established the VT Renewable Energy Business Listing to help Vermonters connect with experts and installers of solar photovoltaic panels (PV), solar hot water systems, or modern wood pellet boilers. Please select the renewable energy source your interested in to continue!

Vermont Renewable Energy Business Listing

Business NameTechnology TypeType of InstallerCounty, StateREV MemberFormer "Partnership Program Participant"*Number of years in BusinessNumber of systems installed Amount of MW, kW, BTU's InstalledBusiness Structure (LLC, S-Corp etc.)Credentials
Acorn Renewable EnergySolar PVCommunityAddison, VTYesNo82300 kWCo-Op
Aegis Renewable Energy, Inc.Solar PV, Wind.CommercialWashington, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full Wind)5264.4 MWINC - Corporation
AllEarth RenewablesSolar PVCommercialChittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV)5+3,800+22,800 kWS-Corp
Building EnergySolar PV, Solar Hot Water Commercial, ResidentialChittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full SHW)9200 (PV), 60 (SHW)1.6 MW (PV), 227 kW (SHW)S-CorpSolar Certified Engineer
Bourne's Energy Wood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTYesNo
Catamount SolarSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialOrange, VTYesYes (Full PV)5400LLC
Cutting Edge EnergyWood Pellet BoilersResidentialCaledonia, VTYesNo5100LLC
DC Energy InnovationsSolar PV, WindCommercial, Community, Residential,Chittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full Wind)14701.3 MW (PV), 240 kW (Wind)
S-CorpMaster Electrician, NABCEP Certified
Encore Renewable EnergySolar PVCommercialChittenden, VTYesNo94015 MWLLC
Energy EmporiumSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialNew HampshireYesYes (Full PV)7>150>860kWLLCNABCEP
Gary MacArthur SolarSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialWindham, VTYes
Yes (Full PV)25100+Small BusinessNABCEP
Grassroots SolarSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VT
YesYes (Full PV)232286 kWS-CorpNABCEP
Green Earth Energy
Solar PV, Solar Hot Water
Commercial, ResidentialRutland, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full SHW)71231.5 MWINCCCHP, EPA Refrigeration
Green Mountain Community SolarSolar PVCommercial, Community, ResidentialCaledonia, VTYesYes (Full PV)33400 kWLLC
groSolarSolar PVCommercialWindsor, VTYesYes (Full PV)172,000200 MWCorporationMaster Electrician
Harvestar, LLCSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialAddison, VTYesYes (Full SHW)450+~2.9 Million BTUsLLCNABCEP, Plumber on staff
Radiant WorksSolar Hot WaterResidentialChittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV)1530
Integrated Solar ApplicationsSolar PV, Solar Hot Water, Wood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialWindham, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full SHW, Provisional Wind)41262PV: 4.4 MW, SHW: 10,133,00 BTU/day, WPB: 400,000 BTU/hrCorporationNABCEP, VT Plumbers, VT Electrician License, ACCA , IGSHPA
Integrity EnergySolar PV, Solar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full SHW)490600 kWLLPNABCEP, PV Installation Professional
Mountain Energy DesignSolar PV, Solar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialAddison, VTYesYes (Full PV)32
Namaste SolarSolar PVCommercialBoulder, COYesNo1175347157 kWEmployee Owned Co-OpNABCEP
Northern ReliabilitySolar, Wind, StorageCommercialWashington, VTYesNo975550,000 kWCorporation
Norwich Technologies
Solar PVCommercial, Residential
Windsor, VTYesYes (Full PV)456~950 kWS-Corp (Inc.)
Nunez Electric, LLCSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialFranklin, VTYesYes (Full PV)1570>1,500 kWS-CorpMaster Electrician, NABCEP, OSHA 10
O'Meara SolarSolar PVCommercial, Residential
Orange, VTYesYes (Provisional PV)225100 kWLLCMaster Electrician
Peck ElectricSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialChittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV)442,000+45 MWS-CorpNABCEP
Power GuruSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VTYesYes (Full PV)8801 MWLLCNABCEP
Prudent LivingSolar PVResidential, CommercialWindsor, VTYesYes (Full PV)760-701.5 MWS-CorpNABCEP
RES-TECSolar PV, Solar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTYesYes (Full PV, Full SHW)9100+>1500 kWLLCNABCEP
Same Sun of VTSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialRutland, VTYesYes (Full PV)53001.25 MWS-CorpNABCEP
Saxtons River Solar Electric
Solar PVCommercial, Residential, Small CommunityWindham, VTYesYes (Provisional PV)4.520+125 kW+PartnershipAdvanced Solar PV Training
SolaflectSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTYesYes (Full PV)9>200>800 kWLLCNABCEP
Solar ProSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VTYesYes (Full PV)
Solar SourceSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialNew HampshireYesYes (Full PV)10961.1 MWCorporationNABCEP
SolarTechSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialCaledonia, VTYesYes (Full PV)
Solar WorksSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VTYesYes (Full PV)10N/AN/AS-CorpBPI Cert. PV Installer
SunCommonSolar PVCommercial, Community, ResidentialWashington, VTYesYes (Full PV)42,00014 MWC-Corp, B-Corp
SunEdisonSolar PV, WindCommercial, ResidentialBoston, MAYesYes (Full PV, Full Wind)131,700>4,000 MWPublicly Traded Corporation
Sunwood SystemsWood Pellet BoilersResidentialWashington, VTYesYes
TARM USAWood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialNew HampshireYesNo
Solar SpecialistsSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTYesYes (Full SHW)
USA Solar StoreSolar PV, Solar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTYes Yes (Full PV, Full SHW)16
VT Renewable FuelsWood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTYesNo
VT Solar EngineeringSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialChittenden, VTYesYes (Full PV)25450
Watson ResearchWood Pellet BoilersResidentialFranklinYesNo12437,012,000 BTU'sSole Proprieter
StarWind TurbinesWindCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VTYesYes (Full Wind)35200 kWLLC
ARC Mechanical ContractorsSolar Hot Water, Wood Pellet BoilersCommercial, Residential Orange, VTNoNo69Corporation
Bristol ElectronicsSolar PVCommercial, ResidentialAddison, VTNoNo43172792 kWS-Corp
Froling EnergyWood Pellet BoilersResidentialNew HampshireNoNo1412568 million BTUsLLCMaster Plumber
Green Energy SystemsSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialChittenden, VtNoYes (Full SHW)
HB Energy SolutionsSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
Heating & More LLCWood Pellet BoilersResidentialWashington, VTNoNo
JC Hansen Design/BuildSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTNoYes (Provisional SHW)
Lyme Green HeatWood Pellet BoilersResidentialHillsborough, NHNoNo14155125 Million BTUsLLCMaster Plumber
Lynwood Gilberts Heating & PlumbingWood Pellet BoilersResidentialWashington, VTNoNo
M&M Plumbing & HeatingSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialBennington, VTNoYes (Provisional SHW)
Miracle Energy SystemsSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
Natural HeatworksWood Pellet BoilersResidentialAddison, VTNoNo
Practical PlumbingWood Pellet BoilersResidentialOrange, VTNoNo
ReSOURCESolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialChittenden, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
Revision EnergySolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialNew HampshireNoYes (Full SHW)
RGS EnergySolar PVCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTNoYes (Full PV)381,200+9.5 MWC-CorpNABCEP
Robert's Plumbing and HeatingSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialChittenden, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
Sandri EnergyWood Pellet BoilersResidentialMassachusettsNoNo
Shattuck & Son Plumbing, HVACWood Pellet BoilersResidentialChittenden, VTNoNo
SunFire Energy SystemsWood Pellet BoilersResidential Washington, VTNoNo
Sunny Nose SolarSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWindsor, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
Sustainable SolutionsSolar Hot WaterCommercial, ResidentialWashington, VTNoYes (Full SHW)
The Stove DepotWood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialRutland, VTNoNo
Trombly P&H Inc.Wood Pellet BoilersCommercial, ResidentialCaledonia, VTNoNo
Vermont Made EnergySolar PV, Solar Hot WaterResidentialWindham, VTIndividual MemberYes (Provisional PV, Provisional SHW)916219.5 kWSole Proprieter
Vivint SolarSolar PVResidentialNoNo6100,000+634 MWCorporation
Southern Vermont Solar Solar PVCommercial, ResidentialYesYes4 MWS License, NABCEP
-All fields are searchable in the search bar above. You can do search for: technology type, county, NABCEP certification, or all of the above and more! One example – if you live in Addison County and are interested in Wood Pellet Boilers search Addison, Wood Pellet Boilers and relevant options will populate the table!

-The vast majority of these business have capacity to do business outside of their stated County.

-All business listed above were required to provide REV with Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of >$1 Million.

-"NABCEP Certification": a voluntary certification that provides a set of national standards by which PV Installation Professionals with skills and experience can distinguish themselves from their competition. Is indicative of a company employee not all-encompassing for the entity as a whole.

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