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Building Our Renewable Energy Future: Clean, Sustainable, Secure

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Who We Are

Renewable Energy Vermont represents businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals committed to reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing clean renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vermont. Vermont’s clean energy economy directly enables at least 18,800 jobs at 3,612 businesses, representing approximately 6% of Vermont’s workforce. Together, we will achieve 90% total renewable energy (electric, thermal, transportation) before 2050.

Our membership is continually broadening, reflecting a shared perspective that renewable energy is the best solution for building a clean, sustainable and secure energy future. Vermont has a history of innovative and independent leadership, and we believe our state can become a national beacon of change and renewal through renewable energy. We invite all to explore the world of renewable energy on our website, subscribe to our email list, and Join us as REV Members.

What We Do

REV works across a spectrum of activities to advance and grow reliance on our own renewable energy. We strengthen Vermont renewable energy businesses by building business networks and partnerships, providing professional development, training and support. We push for state energy policies that promote increased, affordable, and comprehensive renewable energy, and represent renewable energy at Public Service Board proceedings. We engage in outreach and education about the benefits of renewable energy, hold conferences and tradeshows, publish a monthly newsletter and provide a deep online, and on-call, resource for Vermont-specific information on renewable energy. We talk to Vermonters and citizens around the New England region every day — feel free to give us a call, write an email, or stop by our Montpelier office.

Making Progress

Since REV was founded in 2001, we’ve seen the growth of renewable energy in Vermont, and we’re happy to report that things are looking better than ever. REV has played a central role in the development of renewable energy in Vermont, from passing “Standard Offer Program” and the Renewable Energy legislation, to holding the largest ongoing renewable energy conference and tradeshow in Vermont for nine years and counting. REV lobby efforts have enabled renewable energy technologies, projects, and jobs to become increasingly competitive and accessible. REV installer accreditation Partnership Program helps guide nascent businesses towards a higher bar of accountability and quality. Twice each year, REV conferences bring new ideas and hard work together, connecting industry professionals and interested citizens alike for generative discussion, networking, and learning. REV works across many channels, and we hope to reach even more businesses and individuals with our new website.

Please take a look and offer us your feedback, we want to work for you!

More On REV Areas of Activity

State Energy Policies

REV is the only organization dedicated solely to working toward increased renewable energy use in Vermont. REV is continually working to see that Vermont enacts policies and legislation that promote renewable energy. See: Legislation Page, Incentives Page

PUC Proceedings

REV is working to ensure that the Vermont Public Utilities Commission enacts public energy policy that supports local renewable energy.


REV is committed to providing renewable energy education to the schools, communities, and public of Vermont. REV is raising public consciousness about the many benefits of the power of hydro, wind, bioenergy, solar and geothermal, as well as energy efficiency, in Vermont. See: Technology Pages

REV Conferences

REV’s biannual conferences have become the flagship renewable energy events in Vermont, drawing attendees from across the state, and New England region. REV conferences offer seminars, workshops and a tradeshow that capture the latest ideas, policies, and technology developments in this fast-moving industry. From business veterans to individuals seeking the basics on a particular technology, our events provide a needed platform for engagement, learning, and networking. See: REV Conferences

REV as a Resource

REV is comprised of renewable energy and efficiency companies, institutional and academic partners and concerned citizens of Vermont and the New England region. REV member businesses are leading experts in helping homes and businesses generate their own clean power and heat. Browse our website to find the answers to your renewable energy questions, from technology basics, details of incentives to locating local installers and manufacturers. REV members are available to speak to schools and civic groups on the many benefits of renewable energy. Feel free to contact REV, or stop by our local office, we are always here to help!

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