• Save the Date: REV2019 October 10 & 11, 2019
    Save the Date: REV2019 October 10 & 11, 2019
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    Find Employment in the Clean Energy Sector
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  • Achieving 35% of VT's Thermal Needs With Local Wood
    Achieving 35% of VT's Thermal Needs With Local Wood
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REV Lead Coalition Releases 5-Year Plan to Achieve 35% of Vermont’s Thermal Needs from Local Wood by 2030

Learn more here. Read the full publication here.

Thank You to Everyone Who Attended and Made REV2017 a Big Success

Burlington Electric Department Launches “Solar Shopper” Program with REV Members

Burlington Electric Department announces their new partnership with REV members Catamount SolarSunCommonPeck ElectricDC Energy Innovations Inc., and Building Energy in an attempt to make comparison shopping easier for Burlington residents, as well as drive down soft cost for installers.

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VT Clean Energy Report Signals Opportunities for Job Growth

Overall, the clean energy sector saw a 7.7 percent increase in employment over the last year and a 29 percent increase from the 2013 baseline, equating to over 19,080 jobs in the Green Mountain State.

“With one of every 16 Vermonter’s employment connected with our burgeoning climate economy, renewable energy, efficiency, and clean transportation help local communities prosper with good paying jobs and energy cost savings,” said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Vermont. “Last year 1,366 more Vermonters joined the ranks of the hard working, clean energy innovators grateful to help their neighbors, schools, and fellow businesses affordably achieve energy independence.”

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4-out-of-4 Hearings on Proposed Wind Sound Rules Held in Rooms That Violate Those Rules

At the Public Service Board hearing on proposed wind sound rules in Lowell a Vermonter showed up with a decibel meter and asked the whole room to be completely silent

Union of Concerned Scientist Ranks VT 2nd in Nation for Clean Energy Momentum

A new report entitled “Clean Energy Momentum: Ranking State Progress” and published by the Union of Concerned Scientists highlighted Vermont for its success in developing a clean energy economy. Vermont ranked second nationally, only bested by California.

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Vermont Leads Nation in Solar Jobs Per Capita

A new report by The Solar Foundation cites Vermont as a national leader in the solar industry, ranking third for the number of solar jobs per capita. Click here to read more.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Announces the Selection of 48 Teams to Participate in the ‘Solar in Your Community Challenge’

National competition focuses on expanding solar electricity access to traditionally underserved segments of communities.  Click here to read more.

We Support Vermont’s Commitment to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency!

A coalition of Vermont groups have come together to take a stand for our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency.  15 organizations, 650 Vermonters have signed on to this commitment.  To find out more, click here.

Science Group Shows VT How to Tap Over $100 Million in Investment for Local Clean Energy Projects

Vermont, already a national leader in clean energy deployment, could spur additional job creation and economic growth by forging new public-private partnerships to increase financing for local clean energy projects, according to a study released January 4, 2017 by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), in coordination with the Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition (NESEMC).

The analysis shows how the state could expand clean energy financing programs to make additional low-interest loans available to homeowners, businesses and municipalities who want to make energy efficiency improvements, install solar panels, or invest in other types of clean energy projects. Establishing the program with an initial $7 million public investment would leverage $148 million in private sector investments over 15 years, according to the study.

2016 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report Shows Continuing Growth

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announced today that over 17,700 Vermonters are now employed in the clean energy economy. The figure equates to about 6% of all jobs or 1 in 17 Vermonters!

“Vermont’s small businesses and energy innovators are working hard to help their neighbors, farms, schools, and towns achieve energy independence with clean, renewable energy,” said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy Vermont Executive Director.

“Each sustainable job within the clean energy sector represents a skilled craftsman, a recent college graduate, or an entrepreneur that is able earn a stable living to feed their family, support their community, and stay in Vermont.”

The full 2016 Vermont Clean Energy Industry Report can be viewed online here.

Vermont Farmers Support Renewable Energy

Forty two   Vermont farmers recently signed onto a  letter to express their support for renewable energy and concerns about policy changes affecting their ability to access and utilize clean energy on their property in the future.

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Poll Shows Vermonters Want More Solar in Their Towns

Vermonters across the state want more solar in the state and also in their own towns, a recent poll found.

Three-quarters of Vermonters surveyed support building more solar farms in Vermont (76%). Additionally, Vermonters are just as supportive of building more solar farms in their own towns (75%). Support for more solar farms extends across party lines, with Democrats (87%), Independents (65%) and Republicans (58%) all strongly supporting building more solar farms in their towns. See full results here.

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