How to be an Informed Buyer

Reputation – Ask for references

Existence – For how many years has the company been in business? For how many years has the company been installing the particular technology?

Warranty – What warranties are provided by the product manufacturer? Are there warranties provided by the installer?

Knowledge of financial offerings – Is the business able to explain local incentives, tax credits, and local bank financing opportunities that may be available to you

Responsible pricing – Does the cost estimate support a liveable wage?    

Knowledge and expertise in the field – Does the business have licensed or credentialed staff who will be reviewing or participating in the project? (E.g. NABCEP Certification, Specialty License, Masters Electrician, Plumber, an approved Vermont Partnership Program Partner, etc.).

Insurance – Does the business have General Liability Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance, etc.?

Active engagement in respected associations – Renewable Energy Vermont, Solar Energy Industry Association, NESEA, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, etc.

Social Responsibility – Are green practices part of the installers culture (use of recycled products, etc.)?

Supporting Local – Does the installer support the local community?    

Financing – Does the installer use responsible/ethical finance options?

Questions to ask when looking at a Financial Proposal:

  1. Local financing, a name you recognize?
  2. Options offered – Multiple or a preferred option?
  3. Secured and unsecured loans options?
  4. Cash discount?
  5. Quote – Is the tax credit portion included in the financing calculation? 
  6. Tax credit financing options – loan modification, or short-term loan? 
  7. Ensure you understand all the financing requirements and terms

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