Wood Pellet Boiler: Consumer Guide

Credit: Biomass Magazine

Credit: Biomass Magazine

Save now with the new incentive of $6,000 off of a new Wood Pellet Boiler system.

To see the incentives currently available for wood heating incentives available through Efficiency Vermont click here.

When you choose advanced Wood Pellet Heating, you are choosing a renewable, sustainable, and efficient option. Wood pellets are made from low-grade trees and forest industry waste such as sawdust, chips, and shavings. Trees used to make wood pellets naturally regenerate and replenish, continually adding to the health and value of our forests. Additionally, harvesting low-grade timber for wood pellets helps maintain the biological diversification and productivity of our forests. At over 65% sustained efficiency, advanced Pellet Boilers are as efficient as new fossil fuel systems, but with more to offer.

How it Works

Advanced Wood Pellet Heating is the phrase used to describe the latest best-of-class technology in wood pellet heating. We’re talking whole home heating, not a stove that heats one or two rooms: A modern, state of the art boiler system that is thermostatically controlled, high efficiency and ultra-low maintenance.  Combined with a bulk pellet system where a truck delivers directly to a pellet storage bin, internet monitoring, and a support network of trained installation professionals; advanced Wood Pellet Heating gives peace of mind.

You’re also choosing to source your energy locally, which provides local forest, manufacturing, and transportation jobs. This makes advanced Wood Pellet Heating the right option for you, and for your community. And with wood pellets saving home and business owners between 40% and 60% off their fossil fuel heating bills, it’s the economic, choice too. Combine that with the incentives available, and financing a wood pellet boiler has never been more affordable.

What it Costs

The average wood pellet boiler system averages around $15,000 with system design, equipment, and installation.

The Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) incentive amount of $3,000, and the Efficiency Vermont incentive amount of $2,000, is a total incentive amount of $5,000!

$ 16,000  – Average Gross cost of installed system
-$6,000   – CEDF’s Incentive + Efficiency Vermont Incentive
$ 10,000  – Estimated final system cost

To see the incentives currently available for wood heating, click here.


Here’s your one-stop shop for the forms you need to obtain your rebates.  To print out the Efficiency Vermont Incentive form, click here.


In addition to the incentive, use the below options to make your Modern Wood Pellet Boiler even more affordable!

Northern Forest Center

NEK Model Neighborhood Project provide incentives of $1-5,000 (sliding scale based on income) to residential systems located in the Northeast Kingdom (Orleans, Essex, and Caledonia Counties).   Detailed information and an application can be found at:  https://northernforest.org/programs/modern-wood-heat/model-neighborhood-applications or by contacting Rhonda Shippee,  NEK Project Manager at rshippee@northernforest.org

PACE Program: Property Assessed Clean Energy

PACE can help homeowners overcome financial obstacles to investing in energy improvements to their homes. Unique from traditional financing mechanisms, PACE includes the proposed energy savings provided in the estimated cash flow analysis as income when being considered for approval. By linking the improvements with the property rather than the individual, it allows financing to be transferable to a new homeowner before the assessment has been paid off. This ensures that homeowners make an investment that will serve them in the short term and serve future residents of the home through lower energy bills and improved comfort. Alternatively, PACE financing can also be paid off in full at any time. Read more about PACE here.

Heat Saver Loans through VSECU and Opportunities Credit Union

The new Heat Saver Loan is available to residential customers who are looking for an easy, affordable way to finance a home heating or thermal envelope upgrade, including domestic solar hot water and pellet heating system installations. When the customer finances his or her energy-efficient upgrade with the Heat Saver Loan, they can use the savings generated by their upgrade to help repay their loan.  You may also contact EVT customer service at 888-921-5990.

VT Community Loan Fund

For both Commercial and Institutional, the VT Community Loan Fund has a targeted Food & Forest Fund for loans up to $350,000 that could include wood heating equipment/systems for businesses in the Food, Forest and Farm sectors (farms and agricultural operations, food producers, incubators, wholesalers and retailers including grocery stores, co-ops, CSAs and farmers markets, forestry and forest product enterprises, stewardship and other natural resources organizations).  Go to: http://www.investinvermont.org/borrowers/small-business/the-food-farms-forests-fund

Will it work at my house?

Homeowners and business owners can consult the REV Wood Pellet Boiler members, a list of qualified REV members who can answer your questions and help inform you of what will work best for you. Here, you can read more about the eligibility requirements.  Additionally, see the RERC’s Vermont Small Scale Renewable Energy Incentive Program FAQ page for more details.


The installed price of a system in your house may vary due to the material, labor, and type of wood pellet boiler.  The Bottom Line is an estimate out of pocket expense.

Last updated April 2018

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