Go Renewable!




Eliminate and reduce electric and hot water bills, protect yourself from rising energy costs, and lock in monthly payments that make sense— going solar with your own solar photovoltaic or hot water system is easy, affordable, and a good investment.

Solar Power and Hot Water For Your Home in Three Easy Steps


Combined with a realistic energy efficiency and conservation program, a 5-kilowatt (kWH) solar PV system can provide 90-100% of the average Vermont household’s electrical needs. A two-collector solar hot water system can reduce an average Vermont household’s hot water needs by 70%.

With easy financing, solar PV and hot water can be yours with low monthly payments. And after these systems are paid off, the savings on your electrical and hot water bills go directly into your pocket!

Follow these links to our Vermont Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water Guides to see how easy getting started with a solar installation can be:

  1. Find out how solar works, and can benefit your household
  2. Learn about the incentives and easy financing available for your solar system
  3. Connect with a local installer and go solar!



Learn More About Solar at REV’s Solar Technology Page

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