Better World Energy

1237 Bliss Road
Marshfield, VT 05658


Phone: (802) 456-8843

Technology Type(s): Bioenergy (Biomass woodchip systems for commercial, institutional use)

BWE was started in 1989 by its co owners and partners, Barry Bernstein and Carl Bielenberg, BWE is the sole sales representative’s for Messersmith Wood Chip Systems, made by Messersmith Manufacturing Inc, Bark River, Michingan in the northeast. Messersmith Manufacturing Inc. is family owned and has been in business since 1980. Messersmith Automated Wood Chip Systems is the one of the leaders in wood chip systems for commercial, institutional and industrial systems, with close to 80 customers in New England alone. The systems range from 1 – 26 MMBtu net output, hot water, low pressure and high pressure steam. The unique Messersmith unloading system, using its unique traveling auger and transfer belts has moved over 350,000 tons of wood chips in the past 15 yrs with vitually no significant shut downs, a truely remarkable record in the industry.


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